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How can i help you? I am a JavaScript-Fullstack-Developer.

Web Design

Basic HTML and CSS has become second nature for me. Besides that, I am confident in writing maintainable CSS / SASS-Code which looks great and is responsive (Flexbox, CSS-Grid, Media-Queries). On top of that, I am familar with advanced CSS-concepts, such as variables, mixins, keyframes-animations.


Javascript Frameworks, such as ReactJs, sparked my interest for Frontend-Development. I love to build beautiful and interactive front-end-interfaces with solid state-managment(Redux, Context-API, Redux-Saga.


For the Backend-Development, I am currently using NodeJs with MongoDB and Mongoose. Furthermore, I got experience with PHP / Laravel.

Skills currently aquiring

Since I fell in love with JavaScript as programming language, I am currently expanding my skill set by learning AngularJS and TypeScript

Recent Projects

Project 1

Fullstack MERN/NEXT- Blogging-Platform

A CRUD-Blogging-Platform where users can signup, signin and create, read, update and delete their blog posts. Furthermore, search and email message functionality was implemented. For the Backend NodeJS, Mongoose, MongoDB were, and for the Frontend ReactJS was used. To optimize the blogging platform for SEO, NextJs was implemented.


Highly-passionated Fullstack-Web-Developer

As someone who loves understanding complex concepts and has a scientific background(B.Sc Chemical Biology, TU Dortmund), it was just a matter of time to find out how much I love programming. The process of using creativity and logical thinking to build complex, functional and beautiful web-applications is what I enjoy!

Contact Info


mobile: +49159/01645957




Heiner Giehl

Siemensstra├če 15

44147 Dortmund